GJS GEIO Gamin Robot (Blue)

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GEIO New Generation Gaming Robot featuring first-person view, visual recognition, motion sensors,

high-performance servos and electronic scoring system.


Features of the GEIO New Generation Gaming Robot by GJS include:


• First Person view: GEIO is endowed with "vision" - to attack enemies accurately via the app interface’s

First Person View. 


• Visual Recognition: Face recognition, enemy and totem detection with GEIO camera and sensors,

upgrades your gaming experience. 


• Motion Sensors: Augmented with motion sensors and high-speed omni-directional chassis, GEIO

possesses the ultimate sense of control. 


• High-performance servos: Two high-torque and high-precision servos with smart turret help you aim at the enemy. 


• Electronic Scoring System:  Win the battle without using violence. 


The GEIO FPS Battle Bot w/ Visual Recognition (Red) is engineered to present you the most indulging

robotic battle experience, equipped with First Person Shooter (FPS) and Visual Recognition system. The

power behind GEIO is attributed to the groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


FPS robot battling is the closest thing to be a hero; once the battle begins, you will feel like a warrior

without ever leaving your armchair. GEIO links between real and virtual spaces, giving you an incredibly

fun out-of-body experience.

What's Included

• GEIO Bot

• Battery

• USB Charger

• 5× Basic Totems




• Weight: 900 g (Battery 110g)


• Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh

• Charge: USB cable

• Max Play Time: 40 mins


• Method: WIFI

• Operating Frequency: 5GHz

• Max transmission distance: 100m

• Operating temperature range: 0-40 degree  C

Vision System:

• Operating system: Visual identity range

• Linux Openwrt- 60cm-1m


• Turret Angle: Pitch 0-90" Horizontal 0-160"

• Material: ABS, PC, aluminum alloy

• Internal sensor: Infrared sensor, Magnetic sensor

• LED: LED lights in two ports (legs, back)

Weapon and Score System:

• Infrared shooting distance: 2.5m

• Number of Infrared Sensors: 4

• Position of Infrared Sensors: Legs