XP-Pen Deco PRO Small Drawing Tablet

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Dimensions L350.8x W199.5x H16.5mm (thinnest Height 7mm)

Active Area 9”x5”(230.76mmx 130.16mm)

Tilt 60 Degrees

Pen Battery-Free Passive Stylus

Pressure Sensitivity 8,192 Levels

Resolution 5080 LPI 

Report Rate Max.?200

Mechanic Wheel 1

Virtual Wheel 1

Shortcut Keys 8 

Indicator Light 1

Accuracy ±0.01 Inch

Reading Height 10mm

Color Black and Silver

Power Voltage DC 5V

Interface Support USB Type-C

Compatibility Windows® 10/8/7(32/64bit) and MAC OS X ®10.10 and above

Package Included:

1x Tablet

1x Battery-Free Stylus 

1x Pen Holder

8x Replacement Pen Nibs

1x USB-C to USB cable 

1x USB to USB-C adapter

1x USB to micro USB  adapter

1x Drawing Glove 

1x Quick Guide