Eaton 9130-1500i Tower, 230V

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for network equipment and servers. Power sensitive equipments. Features
- Protects against downtime, data loss and process interruption
by providing continuous, clean power
- Offers premium performance with a 0.9 power factor and
>95 percent efficiency
- Increases battery service life and system uptime with-
ABM™ battery charging technology
- Enables prolonged runtime of essential equipment during
power outages by allowing for orderly, remote shutdown
of non-critical systems or processes by Load Segment
- Provides installation flexibility with a choice of rack or
tower designs, both conserving valuable space
- Enhanced monitoring and configuration capability through
easily navigated multilingual graphical display 
Advanced power protection for:
- IT and networking environments
- Servers, networking gear
- Telecommunications, VoIP, security systems
- Medical systems
- Diagnostics and medical screening
- Patient record archives
- Manufacturing systems
- Chip fabrication
- Pharmaceutical production
- Chemical processing
High efficiency. The more
efficient the UPS, the lower
your utility and cooling bills.
When power conditions are
within acceptable limits, the
9130 can operate in a highefficiency
mode providing 95
percent or higher efficiency.

Rating 1500/1350 Input connection C14 Output recetacles (6) C13 Dimensions 230 x 160 x 430