Eaton 5PX 1500i RT2U

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for network equipment and servers. 5PX unique features
- For the fi rst time in the industry the 5PX can meter
energy consumption right down to the managed
outlet groups.
- The 5PX is available in a rack/tower convertible
version – pedestal and rail kits are included with all
models at no extra charge.
- With a power factor of 0.9, the 5PX delivers more real
output power. It powers more servers than other UPSs
with equivalent VA ratings and lower power factors.
- There is also the possibility to add more runtime with
up to four external hot-swappable battery modules,
able to run systems for hours if necessary. 
Eaton 5PX UPS key benefits.
- The new graphical LCD provides clear information on the
UPS’s status and measurements on a single screen (inseven
languages). Enhanced confi guration capabilities arealso
available with easy-to-use navigation keys.
- Meters energy consumption and provides kWh values
through the LCD and our power management software
- Up to 98% energy effi ciency with the 5P and up to 99% with
the 5PX, signifi cantly reducing cooling and utility costs
The 5P and 5PX give optimum real-time visibility into power
consumption to support better decision-making, improve system
uptime and enhance overall business performance.

Rating (VA/W) 1500VA/1350W
Format RT2U (Tower/Rack 2U)
Input 1 IEC C14 (10A)
Outputs 8 IEC C13 (10A)
Switched Outlet Group 2 outlet groups
UPS and EBM Dimensions 441 x 522 x 86.2 (2U) mm