Eaton 5L 1200VA USB ASE

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for desktop and workstation and AV systems.. Line interactive technology at an affordable price
- Secure your data and equipment by protecting you against
power outages and bad power quality
- With Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), Eaton 5L UPS can
ride through under & over voltage without utilizing battery
- Unmatched price/performance ratio
Eaton reliability
- Rely on batteries anytime : Eaton 5L UPS can start up on
batteries without mains (Cold Start)
- Eaton 5L UPS is equipped with data line surge protection
(internet/fax) to avoid back door damages coming through
phone lines
- Ensure piece of mind with 2 years warranty
Easy integration
- Ease of connection to any equipment (PC, HD TV, internet
gateway) with universal outlets
- Install Eaton 5L UPS anywhere thanks to its small size
- Manage your UPS from your PC:
- Shutdown software compatible with most OS for safe
system shutdown and easy monitoring of UPS condition
- UPS comes equipped with USB port and USB
communication cable 
Ideal for protecting:
- PC and workstations
- Network-attached storage
- Internet access point
- Point of sales equipment
- Business telephony

Rating (VA/W) 1200VA/600W
Technology Line interactive
Input voltage ranges without using batteries 160V - 290V
Output voltage 230V
Output frequency Auto sensing, 50Hz default
Data line surge protection (internet/tel/fax) Yes
Communication ports USB port
Software Winpower
Dimensions (mm) 359 x 139 x 191