3M LED Desk Lamp Wireless (P1600) (White)

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Good lighting in all corners! P1600 is the first ever 3M wireless LED lamp. Coupled with its light weight, the P1600 is extremely portable, giving you the ease and convenience of having good lighting wherever you want. You will no longer be restricted by the length of your wire or the presence of power sockets. Besides that, P1600 has a long battery lifespan of up to 5 hours*, allowing you to work long hours without disruption. Just like all 3M’s LED Lamp, the P1600 is equipped with 3M’s proprietary Polarizing Filter Technology to reduce glare and protect your eyes. With a high luminance of 880 Lux, the P1600 provides optimal luminance for your work on laptop, for studying and reading. With 5-brightness level, now you can easily adjust the lighting to suit your different needs. 

3M proprietary Polarizing Light Filter effectively reduces glare. (Amount of reflected glare on reading material is dependent on viewing angle.)   

Rechargeable portable LED stand, can be used in indoors or outdoors. Now you can enjoy good lighting wherever you want with no restraints.   

Common lighting causes glare which results in eye fatigue, headaches and frequent tearing. 3M's Polarizing Light Filter reduces glare giving you greater reading comfort under the table lamp.   

Fitted with energy saving light bulbs that save up to 80% energy used. Save cost, and save the environment!   

P1600 comes in a sleek white with a unique wooden grain textured finishing that exudes style. Not only is the compact base sturdy, it also helps to save table space too. When you’re done working or when your child has finished studying, you can have the choice to close the table lamp fully, so your environment stays sleek and neat.   

A range of 880 – 1,200 Lux is optimal for you to work on your laptops, for your child to study or read under the table lamp. P1600 has a maximum of 880 Lux, that can be adjusted via 5 adjustable brightness levels via a simple touch sensor panel.

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty