Vtech LS6204 Accessory Handset

Fulfilled by: Challenger

ValueClub S$71.10

U.P. S$79.00

- Accessory handset only—requires a LS6245 series phone to operate
- Digital enhanced voice clarity
- A Touch telephone system handset operates by Touch Sensitive Technology
- High gloss and smooth surface throughout
- Advanced system design with Dual Antenna* built-in to the base unit for a maximized reception range and minimized interference
- Make and receive both landline and cellular calls when connected to a cell phone via Bluetooth** technology
- Pair up to 4 cell phones and/or Bluetooth headsets
- Large LCD display with white backlit on handset
- White backlit keypad
- Hi-Fi G.722 quality musical ring tones
- High quality speakerphone in handset
- 100 name and number phonebook directory - easily store and dial frequently called numbers
- Caller ID and Call Waiting*** - stores up to 100 calls
- Handset to handset intercom, transfer, and 3-way conferencing
- Digital answering machine with up to 25 minutes of recording time
- Audible time and date stamp on recorded messages
- Message retrieval from the handset
* Dual Antenna is designed to tackle the issue of reception blind spots, which is a result of physical interference between the transmission and reception signals. Operating in home environments, the cordless telephone’s base and handset signals are largely transmitting indirectly through reflections on various objects. Each reflection may reduce signal’s power and range. The Dual Antenna system automatically selects the best signal, ensures maximum range and reception in any given indoor environment.
** Bluetooth connectivity
- This model can call and receive both cellular or landline calls by connect to a cell phone via Bluetooth technology. Now you can enjoy the comfort of using a home phone system to catch all your calls, from cellular or landline.

Bluetooth features:
- Pair-up to 4 cell phones and/or Bluetooth headsets.
- 2 of the 4 paired devices can be connected to the base and enabled to receive calls.
- Only one cell phone and/or headset can be active on a call at a time.
- Once a Bluetooth device is paired to the base, the LS6245 can automatically connect when the device is in range.

- This model has been tested for compatibility with many of the most popular Bluetooth cell phones and headsets.
- Accessory handset only—requires a LS6245 series phone to operate.
*** You must subscribe to a Caller Display service for this feature to work.