Innergie ADP-30GW PowerJoy 30C USB-C Wall Charger

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One Charger for All Situations

From laptops to smartphones, from USB to USB-C devices, from your home to your office, all you need is one PowerJoy 30C USB-C rapid charger.

Charging should always be this simple.



Works with Most of Devices

The Dual USB / USB-C output with SmartBoost™ and USB PD technology, which can adjust the output voltage,

features an ultra-fast charge for any mobile device.


Rapid Smart Charging, Redefining Charging Speed

SmartBoost™ technology is the perfect combination of smart identification and rapid charging.

It provides up to 5.4A of current and charges most laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, even the latest MacBook series with the latest USB PD charging capabilities.



Faster and Safer Charging

PowerJoy 30C USB-C Wall Charger is equipped with InnerShield™ protection and SmartBoost™ technology to safely charge your device ultra-fast. InnerShield™

protection provides you 5 power protections to protect you from harm. SmartBoost™ technology provides up to 3A output to save you more time.



Just Right Fit in Your Hand

PowerJoy 30C USB-C Wall Charger is in a very compact size with a 5.4 A output current to make you charge devices anywhere and anytime.



Unibody Design, Showcasing Perfect Craftsmanship

Unlike other average products, we insisted on the 45-degree seamless joint design so the PowerJoy 30C USB-C rapid charger can have a smooth look.

Even after long periods of use, every seam remains imperceptible.




Charge Wherever in The World

Compatible with 110V-240V input, with three interchangeable plugs (US, EU, UK) that are easily interchangeable;

this is the only charger you will ever need in over 150 countries across the globe.



Charging Gracefully and Using Effortlessly

We insisted on using the 2.5-degree, small angle inward joint for the product's exterior design;

this minuscule adjustment in angle allows all actions—including plugging, unplugging, gripping, and holding.



InnerShield™ Gives You The Protection and Security

Only Innergie products come equipped with this powerful protection technology, offering a level of security no other device can match.



SmartBoost™ Rapid Charging Technology

Innergie’s SmartBoost™ technology is the perfect combination of smart identification and rapid charging.

SmartBoost™ can automatically determine the most suitable voltage and current for your device to provide the optimal power.



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