Membership Terms & Conditions

Important information about your Hachi membership account

Hachi membership administration fee of $8 per year is non-refundable.

ValueClub members enjoy free access to membership account for as long as their ValueClub membership is current. ValueClub members may activate their Hachi account at any Challenger store or online at by verifying their log in. 

Hachi membership is non-transferable.

Hachi members enjoy Hachi price, earn Hachi rebate and other exclusive limited time hachi promotions at Hachi members must be logged in to enjoy benefits.

It is the Hachi member's responsibility to ensure particulars are accurate and updated at all times.

Hachi reserves the right to amend or withdraw any condition or Hachi member benefit without prior notice.


Hachi Rebate

Hachi members conveniently earn Hachi dollar rebates with each purchase. Rebates are indicated in % under each member or usual price.

Hachi rebate awarded will be adjusted accordingly if discounts, coupons or rebate redemption are applied onto the final amount paid.

Hachi rebate earned can be used to offset members' next purchase amount payable (after any discount and/or applicable coupons) at

ValueClub activated Hachi accounts may also utilize their available ValueClub points to offset the final amount payable on their purchases in Every 1 V point = $0.01 offset. 

V Points used in cannot be transferred back to ValueClub and will follow the same terms and conditions of Hachi rebate where applicable. 

With effect from 1 February 2017, Hachi rebate will expire 60 days from date of issuance. (Eg: Hachi rebate earned on 1 February 2017 will expire on 2 April 2017)

In the event balance Hachi rebate is not used in full on the next applicable purchase, new Hachi rebate earned in that purchase will also have their expiry tied to the original Hachi rebate expiry date.

Hachi members with $8 or more Hachi rebate left on the day of their Hachi membership's expiry will have their Hachi membership automatically renewed by 1-year with $8 Hachi rebate.

Hachi rebate may only be used by Hachi members with a valid active Hachi membership account.

Hachi memberships that were not renewed will have their Hachi rebate voided upon membership expiry.

Hachi rebate earned may not be transferred to other Hachi members.

Hachi rebate earned for refunded purchase / items will be deducted accordingly. reserves the right to suspend or void the exchange if we deem the member's details as incomplete, outdated, incorrect or forged.