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What is Intelligent Living?
The Internet of Things which refers to the interconnection of devices, is the latest buzz to hit the market, and that is why has put together Intelligent Living, a handy page where all the latest smart devices are consolidated for you to build the perfect smart home. Creating an ultimate smart home starts with setting up a reliable and powerful wi-fi network system and equipping yourself with the best wi-fi router and adaptor; take your pick from top networking brands like Aztech, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear and TP-Link. Outfit your smart home with smart lighting (control brightness without moving an inch!) and smart weighing scales (track the health and fitness of your loved ones) for an improved quality of life. Monitor your children and pets from anywhere, with our extensive range of security cameras packed with features like HD recording, 24/7 live-streaming and wire-free systems.