Network Attached Storages


Access your important files anytime and anywhere with network attached storages (NAS). Get easier access to sharing spreadsheets and word documents with your colleagues. Discover the latest NAS at and get more value for your money with rebates on your purchases. Order online with free delivery or pick up in selected stores.

Synology 8 BAY NAS BAREBONE without HDD DS1817+ [8GB]
S$1,399.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$1,499.00
Sold Out
Synology 5 BAY NAS BAREBONE without HDD DS1517+ [8GB]
S$1,188.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$1,249.00
Sold Out
Synology DS216se With WD Blue [3TB x 1]
S$318.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$399.00
Sold Out
Synology DiskStation DS115j with WD Blue 3TB HDD
S$259.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$359.00
Sold Out
Synology DiskStation DS115j with Toshiba 4TB HDD
S$379.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$399.00
Sold Out
Synology DS916+ with WD RED HDD [6TB x 2]
S$1,599.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$1,699.00
Sold Out
Qnap TS-253A-4GB
S$899.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$927.00
Sold Out
Qnap TAS-268-4TB
S$559.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$649.00
Sold Out
Synology DS416PLAY DiskStation
S$665.00 +1% Rebate

Sold Out
Synology DS216J DiskStation with 3TB WD RED
S$399.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$429.00
Sold Out
Synology DS216PLAY DiskStation with 2 X 3TB WD RED
S$699.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$749.00
Sold Out
OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock with 12 Ports
S$369.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$435.00
Sold Out
OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini with Four-Bay Drive
S$599.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$737.00
Sold Out
OWC ThunderBay 4 RAID 5 with Four-Bay Drives
S$709.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$899.00
Sold Out
Synology Diskstation (DS216j)
S$245.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$259.00
Sold Out
Synology DiskStation DS216 NAS (0TB) (Black)
S$395.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$419.00
Sold Out
Synology DiskStation DS416J (0TB)
S$435.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$449.00
Sold Out
Synology DS416 (0TB) (Black)
S$649.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$669.00
Sold Out
Synology DS216play (Black)
S$365.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$389.00
Sold Out
Synology DS216se (0TB)
S$189.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$249.00
Sold Out