Iron & Steamers

Whether you need a steam iron or dry iron, we’ve got it right here. offers a variety of easy-to-use and lightweight irons to give your clothes a crisp and neat-looking appearance. Do you have expensive fabrics? We’ve also got you covered! We have irons suitable for different fabrics. Shop now and escape the wrinkle hell!

Morries MS-2388S Steam Iron
+V$0.20 Rebate

U.P. S$23.90
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Morries Dry Iron (MS-1228S)
+V$0.14 Rebate

U.P. S$16.50
Sold Out
Toyomi TSI 2396 Travel Steam Iron (900-1100W) (Blue)
+V$0.31 Rebate

U.P. S$39.90
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