Air Quality


Having bad air quality at home can make you feel uncomfortable, as it can cause breathing difficulty, especially for those with respiratory problems. Your family's health can be at risk if you do nothing about it. Choose from’s selection of air purifiers and humidifiers to keep your home well ventilated.

Mosclean SM1 Portable Sterilizer (White)
S$140.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$169.00
Sold Out
Mosclean AH1 Compact Purifier w HEPA (Silver)
S$125.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$149.00
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Valore Oak Humidifier (AC26)
S$44.93 +25% Rebate

U.P. S$59.90
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XiaoMi FJY4004GL Mi Air Purifier
S$189.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$299.00
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Fellowes AeraMax DX95 Air Purifier (9393701)
S$444.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$555.00
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Fellowes Aeramax DX55 Air Purifier (9393001)
S$372.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$465.00
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Fellowes AeraMax DX5 Air Purifier (F9392701)
S$260.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$325.00
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Fellowes Carbon Filters DX95 (9324201)
S$38.50 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$55.00
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Fellowes Carbon Filters DX55 (9324101)
S$31.50 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$45.00
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Fellowes Small Carbon Filter DX5 (9324001)
S$24.50 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$35.00
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Fellowes True HEPA Filter DX95 (9287201)
S$56.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$80.00
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Fellowes True HEPA Filter DX55 (9287101)
S$42.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$60.00
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Fellowes True HEPA Filter DX5 (9287001)
S$28.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$40.00
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Purlife Air Purifier Airclear 50
S$499.00 +1% Rebate

Sold Out
PRS CJ-709 Mini Aroma Humidifier (White)
S$44.95 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$89.90
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Aztech AAP4660 AirePuri Air Purifier
S$499.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$649.00
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Aztech AAP2645 AirePuri Air Purifier
S$399.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$499.00
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Aztech AAP7680 AirePuri Air Purifier
S$999.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$1,299.00
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Xiaomi Air Purifier Filter
S$49.90 +1% Rebate

Sold Out
VALORE V-AC909 USB Car Photocatalyst Air Purifier
S$14.90 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$59.90
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