Trek i-Ball

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The Ai-Ball is an ultra-portable, wireless camera module that allows users to view and record audio and video wirelessly on their PC or smartphones.




With its 802.11 b/g Wi-fi interface, the Ai-Ball allows you to stream and record audio video images through your mobile devices such as your smartphones (iPhones or Android devices) and laptops on the go.


Record On-the-Go

Powered by a CR2 battery and coupled with its compact design(30mm in diameter and 35 mm in length + weighing just 100g with battery), you can easily carry the Ai-Ball around or hang it as a keychain.


Mobile/PC Application

The Ai-Ball is supported by various mobile and PC applications that enhance and expand your experience with the Ai-Ball. Click here for more info.


Long Distance Recording

Stream or record your videos from a remote location even when you are far away from your Ai-Ball (e.g overseas) using its Infrastructure WAN mode.

With the USB powered Ai-Ball Cradle, you can view or record audio video images round-the-clock. Never miss another precious moment again. Click here for more info.