SanDisk delivers flash storage solutions used in data centers, embedded in smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and trusted by consumers worldwide.

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Sandisk USB 3.0 Multi-Card Reader
S$65.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$69.00
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Sandisk Cruzer Switch (16GB)
S$10.50 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$12.00
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Sandisk Cruzer Switch (32GB)
S$17.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$19.00
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Sandisk Cruzer Ultra USB3.0 (16GB)
S$13.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$15.00
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Sandisk CompactFlash Extreme 120MB/60MB/s (16GB)
S$50.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$60.00
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Sandisk CompactFlash Ultra 50MB/s (8GB)
S$27.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$29.00
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Sandisk CF Ultra 50MB/s (16GB)
S$36.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$38.00
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Sandisk CF Ultra 50MB/s (32GB)
S$50.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$56.00
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SanDisk SDSDXPB-032G-G46 ExtremePro SDHC UHS-II (32GB)
S$120.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$125.00
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Sandisk MicroSD Extreme Pro (32GB)
S$47.00 +1% Rebate

U.P. S$49.00
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